8 Tips for Long Term Storage

Whether you are new to using self storage or you are a seasoned professional , there are some things to consider when storing items long term. Our Storage Experts have gathered tips and tricks to make the process a bit easier!

  • Use plastic totes or brand-new boxes to store your items. Boxes that smell of food may attract unwanted storage guests.
  • Make sure items are clean, washed, treated properly before storing. Do no store items that have strong food odors or other fragrances that may attract pesky critters.


  • Lift items off the floor to allow for proper ventilation and less of a chance for moisture from the floor to impact your items. Also make sure to defrost freezers and refrigerators to prevent bringing moisture into the space.


  • Cover furniture upholstery with breathable cloth sheets or blankets to prevent dust build up and having the clean the items at move out more than you have to.
  • Use climate controlled storage if possible especially for electronics and wood furniture. Storage World offers climate controlled spaces where the property manager monitors the temperature and humidity of the building. Not all climate control is the same. Ask if they regulate the humidity AND temperature!


  • Purchase the Good Paws Protection for your space. This will cover unfortunate things that may happen such as a roof leak or theft. Please note that your Homeowner’s and Renter’s insurance may cover your items, but there is a deductible. There is NO DEDUCTIBLE with our Good Paws Protection.
  • It is very important to have someone check the inside of your space from time to time. While Storage World checks the properties thoroughly each and every day, we do not have access to inside your unit once you put the lock on. We are unable to know what is going on inside the unit unless we are made aware of the issue.
  • Set up autopay with the office and make sure that all information that they have on file is kept up to date. This is very important just in case the office would need to get a hold of you.